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The robot is in an unknown location and for some reason cannot move automatically to the home position.Follow this procedure to move the robot to the home position.


First try to use normal to home function in the robot menu.This procedure should only be used in the exceptional case when the robot is not able to return to home automatically.

1. Use following tools

ipc mech drawnFront gen2
Industrial Personal Computer (IPC)

teachPendant mech drawnFront
Teach Pendant (TP)

robotController mech drawnFront
Robot Controller

2. Procedure

2.1. Set the robot to manual mode

Put the three-position switch on the Robot Controller to T1.

robotController operation threePositionSwitch T1
Figure 1. robot controller T1 position

Put the two-position switch on the Teach Pendant to On.

teachPendant operation switch tpOn
Figure 2. teach pendant on

2.2. Enable manual movement

On the IPC, open the software and go to the settings.

multiAssist button settings
Figure 3. settings button

Open the robot settings tab.

multiAssist settings tools button robot
Figure 4. robot tab

Click on the button to move the robot manually.

multiAssist settings tools robot button moveManually
Figure 5. move manually button

The robot can be moved manually while this popup is open.

multiAssist settings tools robot moveManuallyDialog
Figure 6. move manually dialog

2.3. Reset all Faults

To move the robot in a safe way, one deadman switch on the back of the Teach Pendant must be in the safe middle position.

Both deadman switches have 3 positions:

  • Not pressed

  • Safe middle position

  • Fully pressed

Try if you can feel the three positions.To be able to reset the error and move the robot, only one of the two deadman switches has to be in the safe middle position.So don’t push too hard or too soft!

teachPendant operation switch deadmanSwitch
Figure 7. deadman switch

Press the SHIFT button together with the RESET button to clear all faults.

teachPendant operation button shiftReset
Figure 8. shift + reset

The fault indicator on the top of the teach pendant should become inactive.

teachPendant plus screen faultOffSoftwareStopped
Figure 9. fault indicator

2.4. Set the motion group to 1

Depending on the version of the robot, the 'Group' needs to be set to 1.Group 1 will move the robot, group 2 and 3 will move the tables.

To check if the group is set to one press SHIFT + COORD (at the same time), a small window will pop up in the upper right corner of the screen.Press the down arrow until 'group' is highlighted.


If you don’t see Group in this menu, press the PREV button to exit the menu and go to the next step.The tool, jog and user numbers on your screen might be different than on the pictures below, this is okay.

When standing on group (highlighted in blue) press on the button '1' and press ENTER.The little menu will disappear.

teachPendant plus screen motionGroup
Figure 10. motion group

Now you are able to move the robot.

2.5. Move the robot manually


Make sure that the robot doesn’t hit anything during the movement.Watch out for other people, surrounding machines, other objects and the robot itself.Make sure the dress out cables around the robot don’t get damaged.

Press COORD to change the way of moving.Keep pressing until JOINT is selected.The JOINT movement mode is the easiest to work with.You can move the joints one by one.

teachPendant operation button coord
Figure 11. coord button
teachPendant plus screen joint
Figure 12. movement mode

Press SHIFT + ±J1-8 to move the robot.

teachPendant operation button shiftMove
Figure 13. move buttons
robot operation jointAxis
Figure 14. joint axis

Press SHIFT + +% or -% to adjust the speed.

teachPendant operation button shiftSpeed
Figure 15. speed buttons

2.6. Joint to home

Exit the dialog by pressing Ok or finish to stop moving manually.

multiAssist settings tools robot moveManuallyDialog button cancelAndOk
Figure 16. close dialog

Click on the button to do a direct movement to home.

multiAssist settings tools robot button directToHome
Figure 17. direct to home button

Confirm that you want to do a direct movement to home.Be aware that you can stop the movement at any time by releasing the deadman switches, but the robot will continue the movement after errors are reset.

multiAssist settings tools robot directToHomePopup
Figure 18. direct to home dialog

The robot will move to the exact home position.Wait until the movement has finished.

If the direct movement doesn’t work or to cancel the movement completely, go to the robot menu and press the restart button.

multiAssist robotMenu button restart
Figure 19. restart button

2.7. Switch back to auto mode

Put the three-position switch on the Robot Controller to AUTO.

robotController operation threePositionSwitch auto
Figure 20. robot controller AUTO position

Put the two-position switch on the Teach Pendant to Off.

teachPendant operation switch tpOff
Figure 21. teach pendant off

Make sure that Step mode is inactive. Use the STEP button to toggle step mode.

teachPendant plus screen stepOff
Figure 22. teach step inactive

3. How to get further help

Do not hesitate to contact us when you need additional support beyond the documents provided in the RoboJob Service Knowledge Base.

You may contact the RoboJob Service department using following means:

We kindly ask you to provide us the following information:

  • Serial number xx-xx-xxx

  • Description of the fault or defective part

  • Exact error code or message

  • What did the robot do

  • What was the robot supposed to do

  • Pictures or videos

You can send this information to us via email.To send large files you may make use of a file transfer service like WeTransfer:

An automatic confirmation will be sent upon receipt of your mail.

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